In Persuit by silentmb


5 Responses to “In Persuit by silentmb”

  1. the shot itself is pretty cool. I don’t like the background at all though. and is this even a panorama? it’s such a small shot that I can’t tell.

  2. it was in his halo 3 panoramas folder on dA so i assumed it was. i kinda like it.

  3. doesn’t look like a panorama indeed, but i stil think it’s great pic.

  4. silent mb Says:

    it started out as a pano(3 pics stuck together but probably 2 after the cropping),but i wanted to try out a tutorial that i saw and this was perfect for for the background,the tut was for an abstract background so i had to create one.random backgrounds didn’t seem to work,so i made a kind of sky with clouds thing.
    if it doesn’t still fit the “panorama” name,i wont be offended if you took it down.:)

  5. don’t get me wrong, the picture is great. I’m just not a fan of the cloudy background

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