Last Chance

I was really hoping to get more votes than this. But, I you haven’t voted. Please do so now. You only have a day or two left.


8 Responses to “Last Chance”

  1. Allstar Says:

    I voted. Seems like Spocs in the lead.

  2. im not on there =( haha.nah its new =) ill vote now

    • i made this a few weeks ago. those were all the artist that were on here at the time. i didn’t want to add new artist because it could mess up people who already voted and i didn’t want to make a new poll because that could be an endless cycle. i sent about 15 messages to artist on asking them if i could display their art here. i could possibly end up interviewing every artist i am featuring. so you all may get your chance. i just wanted to see who i should start with so it would be the most popular

  3. This site is in my post on the HBO homepage now. it just instantly dropped to the bottem because of the overflowof ODST news :), 😦

  4. people are asking me how to join this site. i really think you need a ‘submit’ or ‘contact’ link on the homepage.

    • You’re awesome madBOX. and i love the new header!
      sorry for the triple post but i can’t edit them.

      • you are awesome too 2good2. thanks for posting me on HBO. its gotten a lot of views from it. and thanks for the feedback on the header. im pretty proud of it. also, im not too worried about double and triple posting. just as long as it isn’t spam. but i can just delete stupid stuff like that 🙂

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