Calling All Panoramers

Is “panoramers” even a word? Anyway, I am in need of some panorama shots. I would really love to keep this site going, but I am quickly running out of material to add. As of now I have 4 sources to choose from. Me, SPOC, 2good4u2, and Jdars. Some, as of now, I have nothing new to add. Some are down to a few with the good ones gone. So I’m asking you guys to send me your panoramas. Or if you know someone who makes them, send them to my site. You will receive full credit for every panorama I add with your own category. If you want to try making your own, but aren’t sure how, here are the things you will need.

  1. XBOX 360
  2. a copy of Halo 3
  3. XBOX Live Subscription
  4. Adobe Photoshop CS2 or newer or Adobe Elements

If you have these things, you are ready to start making panoramas. Now just follow this link. It has a great tutorial on how to make panoramas. To contact me just email me at


10 Responses to “Calling All Panoramers”

  1. I’ll make more, but you DO need some fresh panoramers…lol

  2. Allstarn08 Says:

    Hey, I’ll try a couple. I’ve never been good at making things from scratch, but I guess I could give crunching a bunch of photos together a shot. I’ll have to use GIMP though, so I might be at a disadvantage.

    • Allstarn08 Says:

      Scratch that, just read the tutorial for making panoramas. All you Photoshopers cheat with programs 😛 I’m still going to try though.

      • there are actually several programs that come with photo stitching. i just haven’t done the research. i do know i just got a printer that has the software for it. so maybe you have it on something you already have and don’t know it. adobe elements is fairly cheap compared to photoshop

  3. I don’t think GIMP can stitch them together so you’ll have to do that manually, wich is pretty hard. you could download something else like ‘the panorama factory’ it’s free but if you save it from there it’ll get a panorama factory water mark on it untill you buy the full version. but that shouldn’t be a problem if you’d just take print-screens of it. and save it in photoshop.

    BTW i just made 2, and i kinda got into making panoramas lately. so you can expect more from me in the future. i can only make horizontal panoramas though.

  4. Allstarn08 Says:

    And I can always “borrow” Photoshop from my school computers with a flash drive just like I “borrowed” Rosetta stone.

  5. I have numerous panoramas that i will start posting here very soon. I saw your site on HBO, so you should add that to your links. on the main page. I have quite a few quality panos to offer, including my signature “Time-Lapse Panoramas.” You’ll love them. Cheers.

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